Thursday, October 30, 2008

I know, I suck at this!

Well I am the worst blogger out there. But I guess between working 2 jobs and helping my parents with their house I have an excuse. Anyways this blog is going to be about Aracely and another weekend with her. She is just so cute.

First off we took her roller skating again because she requests to go all the time, but this one was a Halloween skate party. So we dressed up. Here is Cely and Paul. Aren't they a great duo? It almost looks like she was mad at him and turned him that ugly.

Then her dancing in the middle of the skating rink. She is getting so good!! The other people there were taking her picture too!
Nothing to say about this picture!
Now for Saturday- Fun Unleashed. This place is great, you have tunnels and slides and all kinda of fun things to do with the kids. I love going here because I love to play in the jungle too. The best is when we all play hide and seek, me, Paul, Aracely, and Ryan. But here are a few funny pictures if Grandma trying to get in on the action. (Note: we have been there many times before and this was my mothers first time venturing inside.)

Here is Aracely leading the way for Grandma, just in case she would get lost.

Cely is then helping Grandma to get to the slide and clapping because she made it, whew I wasn't sure she would make it either! And then the fun ride down the slide. (Note:One time when Cely and I were there (not this trip) the slide was so fast that you flew into the netting around the slide and landed on your knees or butt- which is a good 6 feet or so from the bottom of the slide.) My mom was lucky or unlucky enough not to experience that. But it would have been funny!


Anonymous said...

Cely makes an adorable witch. Loved Paul's costume too. What about you? You need to post some pictures of you too. (I get that all the time from my family and I am trying to do better.)
The slide and maze looked like fun too. I can't wait for Mabry to get a little bigger so we can go to places like this.

Dana said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!! Yeah, what were you dressed up as for the Halloween Skating party?

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