Friday, October 17, 2008

In Loving Memory

Today's blog is dedicated to a very sweet old man, Paul's grandfather. He passed away just days ago and we found out yesterday. He was an amazing man who had the chance to work with 3 of our presidents, he was the secretary of Education for at least 1 maybe 2 states (I will have to clarify that).
This blurb is directly off Standford website where he went to school.

Now retired, Leon P. Minear, AM ’41, EdD ’47, previously served as a regional commissioner of education; organized and chaired a United Nations international conference on job training; organized educational luncheons for the U.S. Congress, House and Senate; and worked with three different Presidents during his career with the federal government. He also brought together most of the nation’s governors, state legislators, chief state school officers and others interested in education to explore the feasibility of having a separate department of education. His work in the same capacity established the Education Commission of the States.

Dr. Leon P. Minear is director of the Division of Vocational and Technical Education, U.S. Office of Education, Washington, DC.
He was full of stories and full of life even at the end. Fourtunatly, we were able to see him on his best day before he died- in fact we thought that he was going to be able to pull through. But God had other plans- he was going to be able to see his wife that he dearly missed. Well Grandpa you will be remembered and there will be tons of stories told about you!


Anonymous said...

Please tell Paul I am so sorry for his loss. I am glad you were able to see him before he passed and that he was doing so well when you saw him.

Dana said...

Oh Nicole and Paul! Sorry to hear about your loss! We are so sorry to hear that Paul's grandfather died...I hope you are doing well! He sounds like a wonderful man that left quite a legacy!!

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