Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bloomsburg Fair

Here is a fair that I recently went to for the first time. I wish that I would have taken more pictures but with the weather being kinda yucky I didn't. Hopefully next year I will take the time to take some pictures. The place was huge and not very organized. I have been to fairs before but this place was a cross between a fair, a freak show, and going to NYC where they sell fake purses and random things on the street. Again it was very different. And for the freak show part of it- they had tents set up where if you pay the fee you can go see a snake with a human head or a man swallow swords, or a woman take her head off and hold it. Nick- next year we are going in despite what everyone else wants to do. He and I were the only ones dying to go in and see for ourselves- everyone else with us was not so impressed.

Along the way I did get a few pictures of some of the crazy things we did. Here is Paul riding the mechanical bull. We had a contest of who could last the longest. For all of you out there that know me you know that I am super competitive. Well the applause goes to Paul- but I will say the guy operating it had it out for me. Every time I tried to get on it he would jerk the bull away and make me stand there like an idiot, one time when he did it I was already hanging on and he almost ripped my fingernail off. It created a crowd and therefore made him more money because people wanted to try it- so I understand why he did it. So here I am ranting about it so I guess I am just a sore loser. Paul lasted 11 seconds so here is a picture of him, I only made it a mere 5 seconds and therefore no pictures.

Also while we were there we came across this awesome toy. It is similar to the old school roller racer for those of you that remember them. But this one is way better. It is called a wiggle racer and adults can ride them also. So here are my cousins Noah and Nick riding them with all the little kids. I also rode one and loved it!!

I leave you all with the man who was in love with my aunt! Go Tammie!!!!!

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