Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Parents House

Here is the start of my parents house. They look so far away in this picture! But things progress quickly.
Here is the house once the walls and the roof have been put up. This went by so much quicker than what I had thought. Early in the week you go to see the house and only a few walls are up, and by the end of the week and this is what you see. Wow!
Here is my mom after a busy day of insulating. My dad, mom, me, Paul and Mike (my uncle) were all up at the house insulating for a weekend. It went really well and I am a pro now!!!
This is what Ryan did while we all were working on the house. Some help huh?
This is my uncle Rick, the painter. My mom and I over the summer helped him to paint apartments during the summer transitions for PSU students, so when it came to her house she wanted it perfect and therefore that meant for him to do it versus her and I. We are good help when you need to get it done but we are not pros at this. So what happens.......
She can't help but to get into the action!!!!!!!! I was thrown into the painting too, just in case you thought that I had manage to wiggle my way out of it, not a chance. =)
While my mom, me and 2 uncles were inside painting my dad, Mike and Paul were outside putting up garage doors. My dad was also busy putting doors in through the rooms that the painting was finished in. After that weekend, the house looked totally different. It went from a house with weird walls to a house with definition. I will have to get some more pictures of the inside with the wall colors and the doors! I will also have to get a picture of the outside with the siding up. It looks fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Wow you guys did a lot of work. I have a love/hate relationship with painting. So I don't really envy all of that work you did! I can't wait to see more photos. Have you heard anymore on your house? How soon should your parents be moving in?

~Nicole said...

They should be in at the end of the month- worst case beginning of next month. If my mom had it her way it would be tomorrow. We are not going to be able to do our house right now, bummer!!

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