Thursday, November 6, 2008

Parents House Update

I have several pictures of my parents house to update everyone on. This picture is a picture of my parents sunroom, and woohoo carpet. Things are coming along quite well, hopefully they will be in some time mid- November. Speaking of a well... here is the guy putting my parents well in. Yippee finally a toilet for up there instead of always having to use the woods. Or not... here's the thing. The plumber came out to hook up the lovely and very precious toilet and the tank had sunk and the pipes into the house were not straight out like they should be but at a 45 degree angle. So this need to be fixed before the plumber could hook up the toilets. The guy to fix it was on vacation. So the well has been there for over a week and we still don't have a toilet, in fact we will still have to use the woods through this weekend. But the worse part was yet to happen. We had a terrible rain storm and their basement started to flood. Our first thought was that the windows in the basement were not sealed or something went wrong with the grading of the yard. Nope- when you went into the basement you could see and hear what was going on. It sounded like a shower, and the 2800 sq. ft. basement was almost all soaked- so the water was coming in extremely fast. I will allow you to guess where... any thoughts? Well no one would have thought that it would be pouring in from the electric box. Literally about a 5 gallon bucket full was coming through every minute or so. Now the fun thing is that the electric was working to the house and had been for a couple weeks. So now going through the same area were electric wires and gallons of water- sounds fantastic huh? Well it was. My mom called the electrician on a Saturday to come out and take a look at what was going on, he found that when the excavator covered up the tubes that housed the underground electric he hit it and it broke, so this basically created a stream. The tube sucked in the ground water and it went right through the electric box and right into the house- great place for it. =) So my mom was flipping out to say the least. But these are the things that we are going to look back on and remember. =)
Here is a Princess fan for the princess Aracely's room. My mom is having a princess room made up for her for when she is with us and spends the night. Her walls are going to be pink stripes and all her decorations are Disney Princesses. My mom never went all out like this on me!!
Here is my pooped mom after she and I finished laying the floor in her pantry. Below is a picture of the living room with carpet and the paint finished. The fireplace was finished today but I haven't had a chance to see it yet. I can't wait, I hope that no water gets in!


Dana said...

Wow! Can't believe that the water was coming in thru the electrical box! That is pretty scary! Has that been fixed? Love love the fan in Aracely's room...such an awesome room she will have!

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking really good. I am excited to see the finished project! I was stunned to see that it was coming in through the electrical box. I don't blame your mom one bit for freaking out. I hope that they are able to fix everything that they need to and soon.

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